Digital Transformation for Businesses Could Be a Managed Service Provider Away

Businesses have been actively pursuing digital transformation for some time now. Being able to move services and operations from on-premises hardware to cloud-based equivalents comes with several major advantages. Many companies hesitate on the actual procedure to make digital transformation, however. Such a prospect can be daunting, but with the right managed services—and the right co-managed MSP partner—the process can be much simpler.

What Managed Services Can Do for Digital Transformation

Selecting the right set of managed services can make digital transformation a much smoother process.

Reducing complexity.

Digital transformation is not a one-and-done proposition. The term itself—digital transformation—implies a process that takes time to complete. Since it's also a technologically-dependent process, the changes in technology force digital transformation to be a process of continuous improvement. Thus, it's a process that is never complete, merely halted. That can give rise to much excess complexity in the system, made worse if multiple vendors are involved. A co-managed MSP partner can address this complexity by keeping track of what's being used, what should be upgraded, and what can stand on its own.

The link between digital transformation and managed service providers.Improving infrastructure.

An experienced co-managed MSP partner has infrastructure in its repertoire to help customers with the underlying framework of their businesses. Since MSPs are already familiar with the kind of hardware necessary to run managed services, they can serve as advisors. This ingratiates them into the client's corporate structure and ensures that businesses get infrastructure advice to make the right decisions. That's also valuable for businesses unsure of what they need to launch digital transformation.

Drive transformation company-wide.

A company may have a simple plan in mind for digital transformation. It might cover one department, or one market vertical. Such a tactic makes for clearer planning thanks to greater focus. With a little help from the MSP, the simplified plan can expand throughout the company. It's an additional service that can be offered beyond the managed services. Plus, it helps ensure repeat business and gives the client firms necessary proof to spur buy-in from the larger corporate body.

Co-Managed IT - Technology Partnerships

Make a better experience.

One problem that companies looking for digital transformation encounter are issues of user experience. No matter how good the services provided are, if they aren't sufficiently accessible, users within the firm won't put them to use. There is no return on investment in a digital transformation that isn't actually used. Your co-managed MSP partner can provide several points to ensure that the product of a digital transformation is put to work. Many MSPs will offer service-level agreements (SLAs) to make concrete the amount of time the platform is available. Some SLAs include clauses for remedy if the service isn't available on that level. Also, MSPs can not only monitor performance on their own platforms but on the client firm's as well. This ensures that local The link between digital transformation and managed service providers.infrastructure problems aren't getting in the way.

Improve security.

Managed services are commonly delivered from someone else's platform. This means that the platform provider needs to have the best in security or risk losing business to those with better-secured platforms. Co-managed MSP partners, therefore, often deliver the best in security solutions to prevent that loss of business. They can also offer insight on what to do at the local level to maintain security. In many cases, improvements in security can address issues of compliance with federal mandates. Many MSPs offer HIPAA compliance as a selling point.

Centralized metrics.

Does your company know what it takes to have a successful digital transformation? Many companies don't. Subjectivity plays a role here, but there isn't much of a standard to describe a “successful” digital transformation. A co-managed MSP partner can fill in these gaps, offering capacity planning systems, cloud consumption management tools, cost and solution review metrics, and more. With these tools, distinguishing what works becomes that much simpler, and more likely to work for the business making the transformation.

What to Do When Managed Services and Digital Transformation Look Irreconcilable

The link between digital transformation and managed service providers.Managed services mean value in digital transformation. They provide many of the necessary services to complete digital transformations, upgrade systems internally to ensure the best performance, and actively manage security functions. So when you plan to take the big step to digital transformation, have the right co-managed MSP partner on your side. 

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