Protect Your Network 24/7 With UTG's New SOC Solution

In today's increasingly connected world, businesses need reliable and secure network connectivity. No longer a luxury or just a means of communication, IT is integral to operations, employee workflows, and customer experience.

However, mid-sized businesses often find the need for cyber security challenging. Not only is dedicated IT staff costly, but even the best IT talent is bound to miss a threat due to human error. Soon, businesses will have a new option that combines eagle-eyed, 24/7 network event monitoring with the scalability and affordability of the cloud.

UTG will be launching a 24/7/365 security operations center (SOC) for new and current clients using next-generation threat intelligence. This exciting addition to UTG's services will be available to the public in April 2019.

What Makes up UTG's SOC Solution?

Imagine having a sentinel overseeing your network all the time, but with the added benefits of automation and simplification. With UTG's solution, businesses leverage threat intelligence along with a SOC and Security Incident Event Management (SIEM) to help detect, visualize, and act on threats. However, this solution is more than just powerful threat detection; it is designed to be easily interfaced. UTG lets you use and interact with your intel in the manner that is best for your organization.

Utilizing UTG's SOC saves you money because its tools consume all of your threat intelligence — mastering a job once only possible through the purchase of expensive security tools and lots of analyst hours. Let our team do the legwork and reassign your staff to activities that help you innovate and compete rather than react to problems.

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UTG SOC Solution Components

The security protections come through three main components: the sensor, web application, and the UTG SOC.

Security Sensor

How does our technology monitor networks? Through a physical or virtual machine sensor that is placed inside your firewall to monitor network segment traffic. The security sensor also maintains logs which can be crucial for compliance.

The Web App

What good is threat intelligence if it is not easily visible? UTG's web application shows you any sign of threat activity on your network, using advanced threat intelligence. You have full access to view network activity and can control permissions to limit viewing to designated individuals.


The real power of our solution is in its expertise. The security sensor feeds your web app with appropriate alerts, but our specialized SOC analysts use the threat intelligence from these alerts to validate risk and exposure while quickly escalating to your support team for resolution.

Are you ready to learn more about how the UTG SOC solution can help you protect your business's network? Contact UTG today for more information. 

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