The Endless Value Contained in Managed IT Services for Mid-market Businesses

Mid-market businesses exist in a wholly unique space. They do not have the agility of their smaller counterparts, nor the resources of larger enterprises. Thus, they must have tools that are designed specifically for them that work around these issues. Yet here, mid-market businesses often find themselves struggling to find tools made just for them. Worse, they must often adapt tools made for smaller and larger businesses for their own use as the toolmakers pursue the volume of small businesses or the larger price tags of enterprise users. Managed IT services, however, can deliver substantial value to the mid-market business.

What Value Does Managed IT Services Deliver for Mid-market Businesses?

A closer look at the value of managed IT services.The value presented by managed IT services isn't strictly for mid-market businesses, but it's substantial nonetheless.

Improved productivity.

Co-managed IT allows for IT support on a round-the-clock basis. While businesses could replicate that effect, it would require hiring sufficient staff to manage IT systems all the time. This could mean hiring as much as three times current staffing levels, and more if weekends are involved. Managed IT services have support ready at all times, which means if the business' staff is out, the co-managed IT staff is likely in.

Reduced expenses.

In-house services require equipment to operate. Purchasing new equipment is a substantial capital expense, and thanks to maintenance issues, it's also an ongoing expense. Selecting a co-managed IT operation, meanwhile, requires an operational expense, a new monthly bill. The costs of managed IT solutions will likely prove less than the costs of new servers and their maintenance, even over a long run once end-of-life issues are factored in.

Improved security.

The sheer number of co-managed IT solutions providers out there ensures the best in security. Since 70% of customers will stop doing business with a company that experiences a data breach, the value of security for any firm becomes clear. If a co-managed IT solutions provider suffers some kind of security flaw, the chances of losing customers is too large to safely ignore. Thus, providers must take the strongest steps possible to prevent such a thing from happening. The end users, meanwhile, benefit indirectly from that strengthened security with protection for their own data.

Co-Managed IT - Technology Partnerships


An in-house IT department must address every facet of that organization's IT functions. From troubleshooting operators' hardware to managing the network, that's part of their domain. Thus, devoting time to managing security and providing services is just one part among several, and is necessarily diffuse. A managed IT services provider, meanwhile, only manages IT services. Those providers are therefore able to focus on these services since they do nothing else. These providers can also develop their expertise to the point where they can address any problem with the services as it arises, helping to ensure accessibility.

Peace of mind.

It's an unquantifiable value, but co-managed IT solutions come with a certain amount of peace of mind included. This value can be expressly stated as part of a service-level agreement (SLA) that defines remedies for excessive unavailability. It can also be implicitly noted in the expertise of the staff and the provider's requirements to prevent customers from taking their business elsewhere. Additionally, since these systems are managed elsewhere, there's a note of disaster protection included as well. If the customer's location has a power outage, for example, it's unlikely that the managed IT service provider's location has also suffered an outage. Services, therefore, are available, and at least some work can carry on.

Better technology.

A closer look at the value of managed IT services.Managed IT service providers commonly invest in better technology than many users. While for regular on-premises users, there's an incentive to artificially extend technology's shelf life, that's not the same for managed IT. Managed IT service providers must have—and offer—the best, lest they lose business to competitors who will offer such systems. When providers offer SLAs, they must live up to these or risk the penalty clauses contained therein, and the best technology helps prevent many SLA violations. The latest technology is also a fundamental part of providing better security as it's adjusted to address common potential threats.

How to Get Started With Managed IT Service Providers

The good news for those who want to bring managed IT services into their operations is that there are many firms offering such services. So start your search by reaching out to us at UTG. Our managed service operations feature PMP-certified project management professionals. 86% of our staff has worked in mid-market business IT, so we understand your specific issues. Full-service plans, automated Microsoft patching, an included anti-virus license, and more are available to help ensure the best experience around. So just drop us a line and let us show you what co-managed IT can look like.

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