UTG Sponsors 26th Annual High Tech Prayer Breakfast

This year UTG is 1 of 12 Gold sponsors, marking our 13th straight year sponsoring the High Tech Ministries High Tech Prayer Breakfast (HTPB).

High Tech Ministries is a community of Christian technology business leaders with the stated mission of, "creating business environments where God can be discovered." Whats more is that the HTPB just happens to be the largest invitation-only networking event in the southeast—we think that's pretty cool!


Each year the HTPB is filled with amazing speakers, inspirational stories, and just good people. It's an amazing integration of faith, community and business.

Building personal and family relationships with Christians that share your same beliefs is incredibly rewarding. And High Tech Ministries expands this by connecting not only like-minded Christian business leaders, but technology Christian business leaders. I can tell you from experience that nothing is better than doing good business with like-minded people that share common faith and beliefs.

A testament to the effectiveness of doing good business with people and companies with shared core-beliefs is that three of our clients are also sponsoring this year:

 We're very much looking forward to the prayer breakfast this morning and will share some stories and pictures in a few days!

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